Thursday, December 12, 2013

true to thyself

for a very long time, i have wondered to myself, "why am i not pursuing music by the same methods that all these other musicians are?". i can only answer that now. i have to be in full control of my music. my songs are like my children. i don't want ANYONE else raising them the way THEY think is right. it's really only been within the last few years that a musician can record, mix and master at a professional level themselves at a relatively inexpensive cost. it has also not been possible to distribute, market and promote music effectively without outside help until the advent of internet music sites like noisetrade, and self distribution sites like cd baby. i literally am in control of every aspect of all my music through my own actual record label, leik nel. i receive all royalties, and control price and availability. my music will not go "out of print" because a label isn't making enough profit to justify the proliferation of my albums. i don't get input from anyone. i make music that i like, and if i sell albums in that process, i am thrilled. but most importantly, i make music because i love making music, and i write lyrics that point to Jesus as the source of all that is good. i have no pressure from anyone to change one iota musically or lyrically. this would not have been possible on the scale that i am now working even 2 years ago. every dog has his day. God is good.

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